There are times when a party isn’t just a party. In the case of this Saturday night’s post-Artscape “Music Liberated” event, this–moreso than any other event in recent memory–can be viewed as the official “re-start” to the Baltimore club movement. Thus, the release of a four-track EP for said event featuring the Unruly Records Chavy Boys trio of Scottie B, Shawn Caesar and King Tutt, Mighty Mark, TT the Artist and Jon Kwest makes sense. Between the five producers and one vocalist represented, there’s 20 years of history there, hearkening back to nights at Odell’s nightclub, legendary (and “Unruly”) nights at the Paradox, being “The Shit” with DJ Class, surviving America’s borrowing of club’s impulse in the early days of electro’s rise, and now, this return.

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