More than a decade in the making and uniquely poised within their market palce, Adam Beyer’s Drumcode imprint has hosted the soundtrack to a revolution in dance music lesser-spruced sounds. For their inaugural release of 2014, British techno don and label mainstay Alan Fitzpatrick unloads a three-track outing to stabilize the notion that for all their years on the beat, Drumcode is far from your average techno label. Returning after a considerable pause from his last label stint “In The Beginning,” the three-track Tetra EP extends Fitzpatrick’s delicate melodic appeal like never before. Where it’s a-side flows with airy progressive aptitude, “We Are Forver You” ups the pace with subtle driving elegance. By the time “1992” has come into play, the agenda digresses to the grittier side of Fitzpatrick’s techno wizardry, climaxing in a track as mechanically sewn as it is intricately composed.

This has been the beauty of Fitzpatrick’s outspoken reign from day one: ticking boxes and pushing the boundaries of a genre too often lost in this small talk of integrity. The Tetra EP is enough to indicate that whilst the industry discussed the future sound behind closed doors, Drumcode were priming it for such pertinent domination.

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