Let’s start off with a bit of background info shall we? Since this is their first feature on DDOB we’d figured it’d be best to give these two producers a proper introduction. Dryden Brown is a producer hailing from Las Vegas who’s making his way into the EDM scene. Big on Electro House, Progressive House, and Big Room, this producer is Vegas’ secret weapon in the EDM scene. Bukka, also a producer loves nothing more then heavy bass, growling mids, and fat kicks. Growing up listening to dubstep, he’s using that influence for his own music. Now that we have the introductions out of the way, here’s what the two had to say about this particular production:

This track we worked on from 12 AM to 4 AM before a gig. With Dryden production skills and Bukkas knowledge of music theory, we wanted to make a banger track with high energy and a beautiful melodic bridge. This is also part of our “Cold War EP” which has a dubstep influenced Electro House track as well and a trap edit of Cold War.

This Big Room track has widespread appeal with it’s unpredictable build up and legendary synth work. The drop is essentially a build up of it’s own, which I enjoyed as it carries you into the second half where again we’re shifted into a melodic break. Being that these two managed to craft this track is just 4 hours speaks volumes for the high calibur we’re dealing with here. Grab the free download below and make sure to show your support!

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Dryden Brown x Bukka – Cold War

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