Eclectic Imprint is an independent record label from Grand Rapids MI. who broadcasts a 30 minute radio show bi-weekly called “Eclectic FM” that features artists from around the world. Here’s what they had to say about this first release:

Welcome to the first installment of our bi-weekly radio show “Eclectic FM”. Eclectic FM will broadcast every other Wednesday, and will feature guest appearances from artists all around the world!

In the first installment, we are bringing forward sounds that inspire us from lesser known artists, artists who we feel will be making a splash in the scene very soon if not already. Todays episode focuses on setting a consistent mood, invoking emotion, and above all else, bringing forth music that makes you feel something. Our goal is not to stick within the confines of genres and styles, but rather remain consistent with what matters most…Quality

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Eclectic Imprint – Eclectic FM Vol. 001 (Welcome Mix)

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