EDC Las Vegas 2016 Tickets On Sale Now

Sin City preps for another round of pyrotechnics, state-of-the-art lighting and sound design, epic installations, and of course, the best of EDM with tickets now on sale for EDC Las Vegas 2016. Electronic music fans have the option between the 3-Day Sleepy Owl GA Festival Pass and the VIP Package ($429.99 and $785.24 respectively), both of which include a $1 charitable contribution, taxes and fees. Festival attendees can also purchase 3-Day Shuttle Passes from various points in the city for $106.09, or they can get the Parking Pass for $136.99.

This year, the sale began earlier than usual due to the inclusion of the Live Entertainment Tax (LET), amounting to an additional 9 percent tax to each ticket price, starting October 1. Founder and CEO of the legendary music festival, producer Insomniac Pasquale Rotella was generous enough to announce that the sale would begin 10 days in advance to give fans a chance secure their passes before the taxes have to be incurred. Anyone purchasing tickets now will be paying an extra $30 to $60.

The LET implementation is nothing new in Nevada as it’s been a requirement for live events since 2004. However, amendments were made during the summer to include all the major festivals, such as Burning Man in addition to the Insomniac productions.

Music fests like Electric Daisy Carnival have become a permanent fixture in Las Vegas live entertainment calendar, reimagining the appeal that this gambling capital once had. It’s no secret that the casino industry is a dying one, as more gamblers ditch the brick-and-mortar facility and direct their attention to online portals that immediately offer free spins to new players. Perhaps this is why casino operators are more willing to drop millions on sponsoring festivals and expanding festival grounds, a smart investment considering that the demographics of Vegas visitors have evolved into a younger crowd. People are no longer solely looking for the conventional gambling experience, but rather they after different kinds of experiences, both indoors and out.

So, what are you waiting for? Get your passes while supplies last!