Photographer Chris Cashak is the first to breakthrough as a performing artist at EDM events, parties and festivals. He is in the crowd unlike DJs that are barricaded away from the audience. Cashak creates and is part of an impromptu performance with the party goers. This empowers fans to enjoy EDM events in a new way. Cashak’s first of a kind act merges talent in front of the camera with artistry behind it. The combination enables him to build a personalized experience and connection with the audience that is sharable worldwide on social media.

Event producers are promoting Chris Cashak as a headlining artist at their EDM nightclubs, parties and festivals. DJs were considered the main attraction in the past but Cashak says he is changing that. “EDM is more than one guy playing MP3s in a booth. It’s a shared experience that has many parts,” Cashak explains. With years of work Chris Cashak showed the value he brings as headlining photographer by creating additional buzz, media attention and drawing party goers who want their own unique photo by the artist. He focuses almost exclusively on people in the crowd who he calls the real stars. “It’s not about replacing the DJ. I’m about leading the EDM experience to the next level,” Cashak says.

Celebrity status is typically reserved for top DJs in the EDM industry. Chris Cashak is challenging that stereotype. With a social media following of more than 1 million Cashak is currently the most followed party, event, nightlife and EDM photographer in the world. His fan base matches the level of many popular DJs currently on tour. He’s demonstrating a photographer can also hold the spotlight.

Since the early days of Hollywood, people(movie starlets or not) sought the attention of notable photographers to take their picture. Chris Cashak says the camera phone and selfie fad didn’t change this. He adds people at EDM events are driven more to his photos as the everyday phone pictures become boring and mundane. “Selfies are getting old. We’re back to where we started. People feel like a superstar, when a superstar takes their picture,” Cashak explains.

When Chris Cashak starting working nightclubs more than ten years ago photography was not considered a vital part of the event. Cashak compares this to disc-jockeys. DJs were once treated as insignificant and easily replaced since they were just playing songs mainstream musicians produced. The prominence of DJs increased substantially with the rise of EDM. Chris Cashak believes he is leading this same evolution for photographers. He would like EDM photography to be considered a distinctive entertainment and art form.

As the son of a poor janitor and drop-out at age 13, Chris Cashak was the last person anyone would have predicted to become an industry icon. He credits this adversity for giving him the drive to overcome and succeed. When asked about his achievements recently Cashak said, “Anyone can do anything.”

Chris Cashak is booked for major EDM events in 2015. USA and world tours will be announced next year.

Chris Cashak says he is on a mission to elevate EDM events, parties and festivals with a new kind of superstar. He empowers EDM fans to enjoy the experience in a new and personalized way. Cashak’s performance in front of the camera and behind it are redefining the word photographer. He is the first non-DJ artist to match the popularity of top stage performers. Cashak plans to take his act across the industry and into mainstream pop culture. He intends to be a household name that brings new recognition to EDM events.

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