Sometimes, you kind of just have to go with it. You might not have all of the ins and outs or info on the music/acts you’re getting hit up on. It’s just a matter of hitting play and being transported into a world you weren’t exactly expecting to hit. That’s what happened when I got introduced to Electric Bodega, a duo that is kind of mysterious, but definitely has a great take on today’s trap scene. On their recently-released RumbleFish release, they showcase not only a knack for the 808 bang, but their sample sources, alongside the way they incorporate them, are both hilarious and exciting. Take a track like “Ric Flair,” where the greatest world heavyweight champion of all time gets his bragging and boasting on, dropping his signature “woo!” over a sinister, trunk-rattling riddim. Everyone from Future to Lady Gaga can get it, and does. And it bangs. This is for those of you who need something a bit different to spice your mixes up with.

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