The Mashup Wreckaz have a work ethic second to none, cranking out remixes in what seems to be like days, granted – this isn’t the case – but we’re glad to continue to share these unique renditions. Here’s what they had to say about this latest production:

We wanted to share our latest Twerk Remix of the 2007 hit, Calabria by ENUR. We wanted to create a sound that involved some of the original influences from ENUR’s Calabria song. You will hear some reggae, dancehall, reggaeton, trap, twerk, and just some really hard kicks and 808s! We really hope that you enjoy it, and stay tuned for an all original release by one of the Mashup Wreckaz “JC Flores” alongside DJ Diego. Thank you for always supporting us and we will continue to make the music to make you move!

Grab the free download below and follow up with your support!

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ENUR – Calabria (The Mashup Wreckaz Remix)

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