In a world where festival big room jaunts reign supreme over Beatport charts, it sometimes might seem that throwback trance-infused driving electro is non-existent. Well, it might be sometimes on the main stage, but Dave All The Rave, a producer from St. Louis, Missouri, is doing his best to bring the sound back and do it his way. Today we have a new exclusive track from Dave with that style and it’s seriously epic. With a driving pulse throughout, “Experiment 5” has oscillating bleeps and bloops and a ripping bassline to make something like a score for a sci-fi action movie racing scene. Imagine hearing this in the mix and as the breakdown comes in, a Star Wars or a Blade Runner sample plays, before it drops right back into the action. After hearing this one, I’m excited to hear more from this guy as he’s breathing some originality and an excellent sense of tension and emotion into his tracks in a way most just don’t these days.

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