We’ve said it before, but this 100BPM movement that exploded on the scene in 2013 really needs more original productions to be able the to keep the attention of the always thirsty internet EDM genre hopping music nerds. There have been a number of producers and acts trying to push this ideal, but to see folks like JSTJR, Broadway Slim, banginclude, Corrupted Data/ and some others really actually experiment with things is where it’s ultimately at. We can now add San Fran/PHX duo Jameston Thieves to this short list as well with this DAD exclusive “Squirm.” While this tune is still very much an instrumental production and could probably benefit from a vocal contribution, it’s pretty freaking mind-blowing what all is going on here. The lead alone on the drops is a serious topic of discussion. Snake-like steel drums or a xylophone (still trying to figure it out, actually) bounce around the multiple layers of hip-hop and zouk percussion patterns in a truly hypnotic and jaw dropping way. And that low end though…it just punches you in the face while all these crazy sounds and rhythmic patterns are doing their thing. Basically, this just knocks and will make you hit repeat. And it’s not really trying to do anything else but simply stand out and be it’s own thing.

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Source: DAD