“Turn up, and never turn down.” This is a part of the drop at the very beginning of this mix, and is a perfect description of how some of us out there like to live our dance music lives. Like Lil Jon said, “turn down for what?” We’re cool with mellow(er) vibes, but right now? At this very moment? We’re trying to go ham. Reid Speed and Annalyze, two of the finest selectors out there, have cooked up a special mix that DAD’s giving away for free. Their “Lez Twerk” mix is in two parts, but it’s all one vibe: never-ending turn up. Turn up eternal, if you will. Spread out over two sections and clocking in at just a hair over 58 minutes, “Lez Twerk” takes us through a number of movements, from Gesaffelstein’s super crunk “Hellifornia” to the aforementioned DJ Snake & Lil Jon collaboration, “Turn Down For What,” with a number of flavors from the likes of Whiiiite, Petey Clicks, UFO!, Buku, and Caspa. And major props for loading the Upbeats remix of Mutated Forms’ “Wastegash” in this. Super hype, and super DAD. Go ham.

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