FM R IZ’ latest album entitled “Space Juice” is out now! This 14 track of pulse-pounding force is a thoughtful homage to old school radio and old beats and choice cuts.

The album opens with 70’s & 80’s radio advertising falling into an ethereal drum beat in the mellow dance track entitled “Air Mail.” We are then given an almost tribal metallic percussion with computers keeping the ship going. From there, “Gyro Skope” is a serious track that keeps you under surveillance, making sure you’re behaving – very heavy on drums and bass drenched in sure paranoia – and this is just the beginning.

In the past, Craig was in a garage band called Slughead, but as a solo electronic artist, he’s recorded under his own name along with RedWave Cloned in Brazil until eventually he settled on FM R IZ (Ephemeris). FM R iz has made it’s radio debut in Germany on DICE RADIO Artefakter, in Mexico, OWMR IN the UK and Brain Voyager in the Netherlands.

Craig is now working new material for a concept album based on towns he’s been and the memories he has. Stay on the lookout!

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FMRIZ – Space Juice

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