Hopefully you’ve caught the mention before that I’m a regular working DJ and have been for a number of years (think before the advent of Serato as to how far back I’m dating myself). Basically, and I’ll be completely real about it, DJs are lazy these days. I don’t care who you are, what your background is, or what equipment you use to play… the shit is so boring. The guys with technical skill aren’t taking risks with track selection and the guys with the selections and original productions can’t DJ or no longer care about DJing. Maybe I’m just an old head in the minority or something, but I immediately nominate Four Color Zack’s Diplo & Friends mix as the early favorite for mixtape of the year. This kid and Thre3style World Champ does it all; every DJ that peeps this should get motivated to step it up or hang ’em up.

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