François K is the definition of a legend. He’s been spinning records in New York clubs since the ’70s, has had success as a producer and owner of a music studio, and still plays out incredibly consistency. His hustle is undeniable, and his ear is incredibly refined. And though he’s 60 years of age and I’ve been partying in New York for 15 years, my first time getting to see him spin was as he held down the opening and closing sets for DMZ at Cielo in New York. The track selection was insane, and you could tell that his connection with the music and the crowd was deeper than anyone could possibly put into words. As he and Erica Rubin get ready celebrate their 11th anniversary together throwing Manhattan’s infamous Deep Space parties tonight with Scuba, we thought to reach out and dig deep to his roots and his history, and sort out exactly how this renowned brand got its’ bearings.

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