FWLR’s studio is in the middle of the forest in Eastern Canada. Literally. It’s a cabin in the woods surrounded by trees. Twistex’s studio is in the middle of the forest in Norway with no running water. In May of 2016, through two very shoddy internet connections the producers connected on Facebook. At first they were just sharing synth patches and chatting about production techniques, but soon they became good friends. In December one of the songs they had written over Skype called ‘Breakout’ was landed in a Maybelline commercial providing them with more than enough money to purchase a plane ticket. A couple months later, after a very sketchy trip, Twistex was in Canada. Finally their workflow wouldn’t be slowed down by the near-dial-up internet speeds. After just nine days in the studio, ‘Without Borders’ was created. This 10 song album is full of energetic tracks that span from DnB, to Trap, to Breakbeat, Hiphop and everything in between. Drawing heavily from their love of experimentation, the two created a complex blend of their two styles. Twistex brought to the table his love of all things bass and heavy grooves, while FWLR provided melodies and surgical production. The album is available for free on Bandcamp, and for purchase on all major digital distributors.

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FWLR & Twistex – Without Borders (Album)

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