G Jones just dropped off what has the potential to be one of the hottest mixes this year has to offer – we’re calling this one early. As soon as the opening bass is presented you know you’ve just entered G’s atmosphere and that you’re in for a treat. This is a rarity, original production at this high of a caliber needs the recognition it deserves. With guest collaborations by Footsie Newham and Mad Zach this tapes leaves little to be desired other than wishing it was longer. Best of all, the free download is available below.


g jones – that odd feeling in the pit of my stomach (0:00)
g jones – untitled (2:53)
g jones – ned flangers (5:33)
g jones – yo (7:15)
g jones – krabby patty secret formula (9:21)
nite school klik – posse (10:34)
footsie – work all day (g jones remix) (12:45)
g jones – goblin (15:18)
g jones – lavender town (16:42)
mad zach & g jones – roughin it (18:42)
g jones & bleep bloop – quasars (re edit) (21:20)
g jones – labyrinth vip (21:32)
g jones – u already know (24:00)
g jones – bitter paper (25:19)
g jones – syntax error (27:46)
footsie – what u up to (g jones production) (29:22)
doshy & g jones – redsun (31:39)
g jones – that evil blue horse outside denver airport (33:02)
g jones – stripe (34:51)
g jones – mirage vip vip (37:01)

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G Jones – New Beats 2015 (19 Unreleased Beats & Collabs)

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