All Good Records continues strides towards the finish line of its ‘Freshly Baked’ series. By staggering each release, the ten track compilation has created a growing sense of intrigue. Never lingering on one particular genre, GRiZ has successfully brought to light the talents of an eclectic group of rising stars.

Falcon Punch’s hybrid style of disco & funk shines within “Cream”. The jazzy glitch-hop behind Birocratic’s “Overexpressed” takes listeners on a familiar & altogether distinct journey. “Number Generator” by Marshall McGee brings together glitch, bass and trap for a patchwork production in the best sense possible.

The newest addition to ‘Freshly Baked’ is “Wobble Master” from Ganja White Night – a VIP edit of their previous hit single. It’s a sweltering bass laden record of cinematic proportions, simmering at a low wobbling growl before it crescendoes with epic intensity. Ganja White Night’s rework boasts the characteristics found in their brand of hip hop-tinted dubstep. As more of ‘Freshly Baked’ slowly reveals itself, this latest entry maintains the hype through its constant, vibrant electronic energy.

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Ganja White Night – Wobble Master [VIP]

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