An unforgettable single release comes ‘Run Up’ from three-piece bass act Gentlemen’s Club. The trio, which is made up of individual artists Soloman, Coffi & 50 Carrot, have been teasing their expanding fan base with the track for a little while, building plenty of hype for this month’s delivery.

‘Run Up’ is thickly atmospheric from the start, introducing a languid beat, melancholy riffs and hypnotic drums that set up a textured build up. Things soon switch up however, as a sharply progressive lead line drives you into a deluge of smattered bass jerks and mechanical-edged drops. Finally, the intensely weighty core of this trapped out tune begins to subside, leaving only those haunting opening repeated riffs once more.

Gentlemen’s Club again show their astoundingly tight eye for production and creative flair with this single, and ‘Run Up’ will dazzle fans and peers alike when it lands.

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Gentlemen’s Club – Run Up

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