Accurate to their bio, “with sounds woozy and reverb laden enough to surprise the wokest pipe chaser, and breaks that make the greasiest b-boys and b-girls thrust, FCKDSKO brings a level of risk, sensuality and attitude to the dance floor in its own unique way,” FCKDSKO, based out of Boulder, Colorado, certainly has a unique style, as he shapes and bends various genres to his own need.

His latest, a rework of German Brigante’s “I Warned You” is a transcendental, cerebral experience of the mind. The track is riddled with melodic undertones while keeping the beat going through various levels of layered effects sounding almost atmospheric at times. The chorus, an eerie echo is perfected to warn the listener, of what exactly? The superb soundscape perhaps? We leave this up to your own interoperation of the production as therein lies the beauty.

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German Brigante – I Warned You (feat. Thomas Gandey) (FCKDSKO Live Edit)