Coming off his successful last EP, “Bitisk,” Grimbit shows no signs of slowing down. His latest EP is comprised of 5 tracks: 3 originals and 2 guest remixes. The EP starts off with a track entitled “Diamond Giza,” which takes aspects of Hindustani and blends them with electronic nodes and wobbles creating an almost a psychadelic riff. Taking on a different tone, the second track “White Liquor,” encompases glitchy basslines which cut fast and hard between the various textures laid down; extra props for using the Chris Tucker sample. Adding a third original to the mix, EP titled track “Money,” is much more uptempo, with a feel that brings us back to the mid 80s where the glitchier the better and synthesizers reigned supreme! Clubfungus and SmK1337 provide their renditions of this tune also, adding even more funk to the aforementioned tune. Out of the two, I’m going with SmK1337, who in my opinion delves even further into the 80s and unearths a new melody I found myself bobbing to as it progressed. All in all we’re very impressed with the craftsmanship and sound Grimbit radiates with this release. “Dollar” will be availble on March 20th, show your support!

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Grimbit – “Dollar” EP