I’m sure no one out there knows that I got started with my whole DJ career playing downtempo and trip-hop type stuff way back in 2000. There’s so much classic stuff from that era that it almost makes me cry sometimes because of nostalgia. I miss so much of the genuine nature of tunes and vibes from back then that it really excites me to hear something new that recalls these impulses. Here recently, we featured the lovely vocals of Angelina Lucero on Jerome LOL’s latest release, Deleted / Fool. It was more of a slow-mo house release but I could tell there was something special about her voice. Now there’s word of her new project with fellow Chicagoan JoJo Yang called IDYLL. Their first release is a breathtaking tune called “Trouble” that truly feels like something, say Morcheeba, would be making in 2014. I freaking love this. And again… no one knows about it yet. Except you do now because you’re cool.

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