Jake Justice’s latest release entitled, “Sunrise 2028” is the first single off of a concept album, to be released later in 2019. The narrative of the album takes place in the year 2028.

There is peace on earth, paid with a heavy price.
Alphazon, the conglomerate of all tech giants, controls humanity through social media algorithms
We live in a perfect simulation, with no free will
The Orderlies follow the algorithm without question
The Anomalies are flawed, but free
The Anomalies fight, in order to

The idea behind SUNRISE 2028 is a message of
Thinking for Yourself
Breaking social norms

It is also a WARNING against groupthink, especially in a social media age where our minds can be easily hijacked by outside forces with an agenda
From a personal perspective, it represents my own coming of age story, discovering my own musical and spiritual identity.

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Jake Justice – Sunrise 2028