The frilliest thing about Jamie xx as a producer may be the words that journalists have written about his productions over the years. Arguably one of the modern era’s indie crossover geniuses, he finds the soul in production and creates the ties that bind the best of sounds to a timeless standard. Thus, as EDM becomes an all encompassing and fully commercialized concept, “All Under One Roof Raving” isn’t Jamie xx’s attempt at mirroring Avicii, but instead a steel drum-adorned bashment groove not meant for neon carnivals, but rather for the rest of the lot of UK dancers throwing shapes and the rest of the globe’s partying underground as if nothing has really ever changed. Funky, iconoclastic and thoroughly paying respect to the roots of much of all of this, the song kicks off with a quoted sample of two men discussing “junglism” and “hard house,” then the melody drops in under a man’s coarse voice urging to keep things “strictly UK.” If feeling over-twerked and fearing the drop, Jamie xx has just the cure for your ills; we know we’ve been enamored with this one ever since we heard it at Verboten back in April.

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