Producer, Singer & Songwriter Jay Jai, whose creativity spans several musical genres including R&B, Hip Hop, Rap, Pop, and Urban Rock, released his latest single entitled, “She Said” featuring Jenae Ailia. “She Said” features a club, party vibe that’s gauranteed to start the party or take it to the next level. The track starts off with an anthem chant, a demand if you will to let the drinks flow and take shots. Once the dynamic has been established, you are then led into the synth-driven melodic trance making way for Jenae’s dynamic vocals. Our favorite part of the track is the breakdown, with Jenae letting us know this isn’t something she normally does, but that tonight is a special occasion – allowing the track to breathe and really resonating deep down. All said and done, get ready to crack the bottle and pour up those shots, because we know we will. With a release like this, we look forward to what Jay Jai has in store with future releases.

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Jay Jai – She Said (feat. Jenae Ailia)