JayKode is one of those names that I’ve truly enjoyed watch get better and better with every release. When I made contact with him last year, he was unloading explosive twerk numbers on his SoundCloud like it was nothing. From there he graced us with a now widely-supported DAD-exclusive remix of Beyonce’s “Drunk In Love” and has since garnered support from Skrillex, DJ Snake, Craze and wider support from the festival touring circuit. Now he just laced Run The Trap with a new track entitled “Flashback” and it just might be my favorite JayKode tune yet. Don’t get me wrong, that “Drunk In Love” remix holds a special place in my heart and in my crates, and I love the Iggy Azalea madness that is his “Fuck Love” remix, but this one?! “Flashback” sees JayKode touch more on a Flume-styled tip that he hasn’t debuted until now, and it’s tight. More then just being tight, “Flashback” is a step up for JayKode’s production and composition, and it’s really awesome to see that, despite changing his sonic palate, he’s still flexing and finessing with something we can all get down to.

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