I really don’t think Jerome LOL can do any wrong right now. Maybe I’m sheltered in my current Midwest surroundings, but I honestly feel like I don’t see near enough chatter about his recent run on things as of late as he’s warranted. He kicked it all off with the TY$ edit of “Paranoid” that’s been a staple of my DJ sets for a good six months now and carried it into earlier this year with his beyond stellar Deleted/Fool EP. Fresh on these interwebz is a new original tune, “Feel It For The First Time” being let loose for free and my jaw is hitting the floor again. Back in February, he mentioned his newer tunes were definitely influenced by pop music and as unique as this tune is… it’s incredibly catchy and infectious, causing immediate repeat listens. You know, that pop music impulse. This dude is just on a whole other level right now to me and I’d be shocked if this recent output doesn’t get some looks from some major recording artists trying to get “weird” with some dance music feels.

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