Out now through Universal is the “Beautiful Girl” EP from German electronic duo Junge Junge. The pair’s creative talents have been blossoming since their debut release “Why”, and their passionate approach to both production and DJing continue to draw in an increasing fan base.

This new EP is made up of four tracks, two of which featuring vocalist Kyle Pearce. The dreamy title track (which first appeared after a jamming session at Helene Beach Festival in 2014), led to the duo’s signing with Universal Sweden, and is just as enchanting in 2016.

“Thalassa” blends almost hypnotic vocals with a stripped back, brooding beat – offering a fresh dimension to the Junge Junge style. “Run Run Run” and “Postcards” are both brought to life via Pearce’s smooth tones, both using simple yet powerful guitar riffs and subtle beat patterns to allow melodies to be carved out with fluidity and atmospheric quality.

Junge Junge is an act that brings warmth and a distinctive energy to their work, and “Beautiful Girl” is a testament to that. Each track in the collection offers something a little different to the listener, and it is clear the guys’ association with Universal Sweden will continue to deliver special results.

Junge Junge says of their new collection,

“Our music is a bridge between electronic DNA and acoustic influences. We consciously produced the EP with an outdoor feeling, and our creative process in producing it in essence fuelled our songwriting. The aim was to produce less tracks and focus on the essentials, while never forgetting that “it doesn’t matter how big a studio is, but what you get out of there.”

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Junge Junge – “Beautiful Girl” EP

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