Now this makes a lot of sense. While most people know Just Blaze as being one of the premier hip-hop producers of the last few decades, this freebie highlights two loves of his: massive trap bangers and video games. He’s spent most of 2013 showcasing just how deep he can go as a dance music DJ, and for those in the know, his video game knowledge and love is super serious, so flipping a track that’s a) named after one of the most important power-ups in video game history and b) incorporates sounds from Super Mario Bros. makes a helluvalotta sense. Big body drums, festival-ready melodies, and those welcoming childhood sounds make this one a scorcher for the dancefloor. It looks like Mysto & Pizzi had been wanting to dig into the festival trap zone, and after hearing Just Blaze & Baauer’s “Higher,” they knew what they had to do. Hit play, then do what you know you should do.

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