Juyen Sebulba is a name I’ve seen floating around the interwebs among my producer and DJ friends, but haven’t really taken the time to listen until now. Juyen’s latest is “Kabal” and it’s a tribal-infused Dutch house big room banger. Juyen’s “Kabal” takes heavy inspiration from The Partysquad’s tropical re-imagining on hard dance-infused-house music with a heavily distorted and pounding kick and almost intimidating lead riffs. Sebulba has garnered support from Diplo, Boys Noize, Moska, and Rell The Soundbender, and is sure to keep getting more. It’s sounds like Juyen’s that might make even the saltiest re-consider the perceived staleness of “progressive house” and that it’s actually a new sub-genre of house music This one is a banger through and through and it’s coming on Belushi Records, we just don’t know when.