Following the success of their first two releases “Hey Hey” and “I’m Your Doll”, electronica trio House Of Pryme ignites “Change The Song” by indie-folk singer Kattail with their remix treatment set to tear the dance floor apart.

These three producers have crafted something so beautiful that it will take multiple listens to fully appreciate what they’ve done. Kattail’s angelic vocals are the lead, Pryme understands this and crafts the melody and rhythm to compliment and showcase her allure. The beat is reminiscent of the early days of house music – a timeless sound in it’s truest form, propelled by powerful chord progression and more than admirable synth work. The raw emotion isn’t touched, but improved upon; perhaps the music was always meant to sync up.

Leaving no stone unturned while completely switching gears, the EP also contains a “Subterranean Dub No. 2” remix, which has a much different industrial sound to it. For those who aren’t interested in vocals, this is a proper drum oriented remix with a fast paced, dark club feel. I imagine the backdrop would be a scene from the movie Hackers back in 1995 or perhaps a Dutch nightclub during the early hours of the morning. It’s great to see this production trio show their versatility with these constrasting remixes, both of which produced wonderfully.

“Change The Song” is presented in a radio friendly edited form as well as two DJ friendly versions and an instrumental. We’ve included links to purchase through iTunes or Google Play below and are looking forward to future productions, show these guys some support!

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Kattail – Change The Song (House Of Pryme Remixes)

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