DJ Ambi-DXtrous is back with something new – fittingly enough, for New Years Eve. Although he’s been relatively quiet we are glad to see he’s back with his latest rework of Katy Perry’s, “Teenage Dream,” which he’s dubbed the “Funky Popsicle Bootleg.” Here’s what he had to say about the release:

I have been sitting on this remix for a while. I was waiting for the new EDM fans to mature musically. There is so much “All about the drop or I want to sound like everyone else” I wanted to make something different. When people hear it they might say “This isn’t EDM.” Those are the people who think the scene is just about big drops and “Big Room” sounds. I like that stuff too but I try to make music you can ride around to and party too. I love blending different elements of music into one. This “Funky Popsicle” remix is just that and the title explains it all. It’s a little Funky smoothed out with a Pop appeal. I really hope you guys enjoy my genre bending remix!

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Katy Perry – Teenage Dream (DX-Funky Popsicle-Bootleg)