After much diligent time searching, Krativ has discovered the route for his music. Indigo Skyline is the first installment. It’s the revelation, representing a limitless music future that knows no boundaries. This wonderful contrast between beautiful melodies and aggressive bass tells the beginning of Krativ’s creative journey, and marks the start of a beautiful and exciting new musical chapter. It represents the creative and beautiful revelations of Krativ’s world. It depicts the start of a new beginning, and as you listen to each note you’ll feel yourself preparing for take off, to embark into the skyline on a beautiful, melodic adventure, with surprises at every turn.

Krativ will be playing a show in Orlando, FL this Saturday, October 1st, at a venue called “Woodstock Orlando” on a line-up with artists Boogie T., Symbiotic , Crowell, and Megalodon as the headliner.

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Krativ – Indigo Skyline

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