Introducing the new single “Take Me Home”, Läzro & Travis Gibb featuring Kyra B deliver a sure-fire player. At a time when women’s voices are being heard louder than ever, comes a power anthem that is glue to the ears. Topliner Kyra B provides a soulful vocal, backed by a magnetic blend of tropical and chill House, by producers Läzro and Travis Gibb.

Läzro (Lazaro Rodriguez) and Travis Gibb are a Miami based production duo with a destiny waiting to unfold. Super rich family history & A-list mentors have shaped their music and vision for what’s next. Laz, the son of a Cuban immigrant musician got his start as a studio tech for Desmond Child & internships at some of the area’s top studios – including ‘Middle Ear Studios’ owned by world-famous Bee Gees, leading to his relationship with Travis.

Growing up watching his father Barry Gibb from the legendary Bee Gees, it was only natural for Travis to follow suit & he was then further inspired by a number of leading dance acts of the 90’s. Following graduating from Full Sale Music School in Orlando, Florida, in the recording studio is where Travis feels most comfortable & his new collaboration with Läzro & Kyra B on ‘Take Me Home’ is a testament to just that.

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läzro & Travis Gibb – Take Me Home (feat. Kyra B)