We weren’t huge into the YouTube Music Awards, primarily because the lack of electronic music on the bill. And while there’s a grip of things that YouTube should do to improve the awards (especially if they want to be in Tyler, the Creator’s good graces), this short film by Girls creator Lena Dunham and Spike Jonze turned three Avicii singles ( “Hey Brother,” “You Make Me,” and “Wake Me Up”) into a pretty awesome story about a depressed dude up in the rave and what happens when a raver (who may or may not exist) goes to bat for him. You almost wish more EDM videos followed suit. If we’re about having fun and being different, why not expose viewers to something more than the usual “hands-in-the-air” nonsense? Shouts for having Vanessa Hudgens in this, and fake Avicii’s commentary is hilarious. Enjoy.

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