IAMKINGZIION is an new independent recording artist, music producer & publisher from East London (U.K.) with a current releases of the Remix to smooth and timeless hip-hop single ‘London Times’ called ‘London Times Kings House Remix’.

This song is a remix of the Hip-Hop & R&B single celebrating the city of London in the United Kingdom. The track was created purely out of my love for this great city ours, my home, the city of my adolescents. It seemed as though it isn’t celebrated enough and is under appreciated by it’s inhabitant & outsiders, therefore, I decided to highlight some of the better things about London England, what it’s all about and why its one of the greatest cities in the world. It is a upbeat funky remix with passionate word play, flavor and mesmerizing vocals by none other than Leslie Carron. The drums and base combo along with the smooth tones of singing vocals that’s powerful yet subtle accompanied by a lively rap flow reflects the ambiance of the rich tones and cultures metropolitan London has to bring to the world.

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Leslie Carron – London Times (IAMKINGZIION Kings House Remix)

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