Recently, I got to met Afrojack. During our conversation, I realized something: Afrojack might be one of the more open and honest artists in the EDM scene. His honesty might not be your cup of tea, but to be in today’s music scene and still have a sense of self, and wanting to be honest with yourself? It doesn’t come by as often as you’d realize. There’s a bit in our conversation that didn’t make the feature where Afrojack spoke on charity, so while he recently hit the three million “likes” mark on his Facebook page, it doesn’t surprise me that, in dropping this 31-minute mix, he took the time out to rally his fans and supporters for a bigger cause: “We are a community of 3 million people, if you enjoy the music and shows, please donate to help the victims of the typhoon in the Philippines.” It’s a beautiful thing, and something many should do because, hell, if you have it, you should share it. Rock to this slamming mix and, if you’re inclined, donate and help save some lives.

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