As the world is left reeling from the stinging blows that were Loadstar’s incredible giveaway single ‘Second Skin’ / ‘Terrordrone’ it’s clear that the Bristol-based duo are pulling no punches with their next immense release on Ram Records. Thoroughly road-tested and perpetually demolishing, both of these tracks have been battered in Loadstar’s DJ sets across the globe and fans have been eagerly awaiting their release for months.

‘Passenger’ opens gently, with a euphoric and emotive intro, taking you by the hand and walking you gently to the drop. By the time the half-time drumstep beats and screeching synth lines have hit you, you won’t even realise what’s happened. This is no back seat driver as Loadstar put the pedal to the metal and set the dance floor alight with their own brand of infectious drum & bass energy.

Next up ‘Bomber’ suits up ready for war, packing more punch than a bunker buster and threatening to level whole city blocks whenever it’s dropped. Another tried and tested Loadstar favourite, this one is a sure-fire club killer thanks to its grinding, winding bassline and Loadstar’s trademark heavyweight beats.

Rounding off the release Inspected Records’ rising bass music star Culprate turns in a distinctly dirty dubstep version of ‘Passenger.’ Retaining the original’s effortless musicality and squeezing in enough bass to knock a car off the road, this remix should make sure any fan of 140bpm tunes is paying attention.

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Loadstar – Passenger (Culprate Remix)

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