One of the wisest moves a fan of underground-to-mainstream dance music could make in 2014 is to once again wade into moombahton’s slowed, yet churning sea of tropical bass music. The sound is better than ever before, and if looking for evidence that things have reached the next level, take a listen to LocoMotive and Hammo Sung’s collaboration “Asquerosa.” Foremost, Sung, as well as DJs Knightcrawler and Heavy D (The Locomotive DJs) are from the DC Metropolitan area. Given that moombahton creator Dave Nada is from the DC suburbs, when a new crew of DJs making the same sound (from the same region) excel to the point wherein they begin to expand an established legacy of greatness, it’s not so much a moment of sea change. Rather, it’s a moment for pride, thanks and reflection on where we’ve been and the new heights that we can expect to see reached.

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