LöK, A.K.A. Vinvent P, is a french producer who has already released an EP and a few singles under the THU Records banner. To get closer to people who love and know music, he chose to release “The Driller” EP at Tessitures Records, a french label where a variety of genres are released. So much so, you can also find classical and contemporary music under the “Satine collection”, with amazing artists such as Françoise Thinat, Christopher Guzman, Andrew Zhou and Sodi Braide. The three track EP starts off with “Zero Gravity,” which reels you in with it’s impeccable synth work and eerie vocals only to be thrased by some seriously deep, low rolling bass. The self titled track, “The Driller” is much as the name would suggest in that it’s agressive, loud and unrestingly dark. I’ll leave the rest to a listen, embedded and linked below.

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LöK – “The Driller” EP

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