Luna 13, the pioneers of a special kind of Bass music called Black/Bass/ Metal are an award-winning group whose music inspires many. Having won 2 metal awards (a first for an EDM project) and recently opened for Doyle, Possessed, Mushroomhead and Co-headlined for ICP’s record release party at the Regent in LA, Luna 13 has proven to be of so much importance to Bass and metal music alike. Moreover, Luna 13 has been featured in the movie “Devils Domain,” and through this, the group proves and shows their influence in the music industry is undisputed and continues to grow impeccably.

Luna 13’s style of music is unique and this is what makes them the “next big thing” in Bass music. Their style incorporates a theatrical form that is embedded with unique and adventurous yet evil attire that they use in performance. This style is unique and through this, they have brought to live Electronic Dance Music (EDM) that also proves who they are and what they stand for in the music industry. Through this, they have been able to perform in EDM and Metal festivals. The group has been performing live for three years, and through this, their presence and influence in the Bass music industry continues to grow and being felt. Quitting is an impossible thing for the group, and that’s why through their Bass creator/producer Dr. Luna, the group has revolutionized the Bass music by coming with a new genre of music.

The new genre of music was created by Dr. Luna who made a unique metal sound. How did this happen? Well, Dr. Luna represents the creativity of Luna 13, and he was able to create the metal sound with distortion pedals and synthesizers, and by wrapping heavy distortion around sub-bass, the new metal sound was developed. Is it that amazing? That shows the importance of Luna 13 in Bass music and why they matter. Nobody can question the outstanding work Luna 13 puts on their projects. Their last two projects debuted top 10 in the electro charts which shows the exceptional work that Luna 13 is doing in the Bass music. Their continued live performances prove their fans’ willingness to enjoy the unique, mesmerizing and burlesque Bass music from Luna 13.

Luna 13 is an exceptional group and having been awarded two awards for having the best Metal projects of the year 2015 and 2016 not only expresses their revolutionary capabilities, but it also shows the ambition and ambiance of their music. Their sound is unique, and through Lilith Bathory who joined Luna 13 in the year 2015, their musical sound has been revolutionized. They don’t employ the use of stringed musical instruments. Guitars or any other stringed instrument cannot create their music due to the uniqueness of their style that is formed by the addition of distortion to Saw Bass and Acid Bass. Lilith Bathory adds a lot of spice to the group’s live performance. Her vibrant dances and brutal vocals add a powerful live presence that captivates the audience and makes their live performances phenomenal and very entertaining.
In conclusion, it is impossible not to accept Luna 13 in the Bass industry since they present a unique and revolutionary style of music. Their awards and impact in the industry stand undisputed. Therefore, Luna 13 matters in Bass Music Industry!

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