Known for their theatrical live show consisting of black masks and devil horns, Luna 13, is one of the more unique and adventurous electronica metal outfits that emerged in 2015. Luna 13’s forceful yet groove based electro-metal incorporates elements of EDM, and Black Metal. Attempting to describe their style is blurring the lines of Slayer meets Bassnectar, without the cookie cutter approach.

Luna 13 does NOT sample or use ANY stringed instruments. All of their music is created with drum machines and synths. Their goal is to use Bass music tools to create Black Metal. Luna 13 is playing EDM and Metal festivals and in the next few months will be opening for the Death Metal band POSSESSED and the Punk/Metal band DOYLE (guitarist for the Misfists). They’ve also just performed at Wasteland Weekend for the second year in a row – the only Bass project to be absorbed by the “Metal World”!

Here is their latest release on Bandcamp entitled, “G.O.A.T Witch”.

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Luna 13 – “G​.​O​.​A​.​T Witch” (Album)

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