This month we’ve had a sit down with one of Australia’s finest electronic music exports Marcus Knight. The prolific DJ and Producer has been on a decades long adventure in the industry and we had the pleasure to sit down with him to get behind the scene of his latest offering ‘Finally (Marcus Knight Remix)

Hey Marcus, thanks for talking with us today. How are things right now with you?

Going well thanks mate. Looking forward to summer in Oz and to playing some great events.

For those that don’t know, you’re over in Australia so your winter runs parallel with the European/American summer and festival season. How do the cooler months over there compare to the summer for a DJ/Producer?

We have an amazing scene over here. Most venues aren’t really affected by weather, if anything some do better for some reason. 

A lot of Producers use the winter to hibernate in the studio and ready their releases for the upcoming summer season, are you one of those or are you in and out of the creative work all year? 

I tend to work in blocks where I’ll be in the studio flat out for 2-3 weeks and then play a little more and enjoy life. Trying to maintain a balance is really important to me.

Onto the new remix, CeCe Peniston’s original version of ‘Finally’ was obviously an all-time club classic. Do you approach a remix with such an iconic sound any differently to other remixes? 

The main thing is I need to feel good about it and just let it flow. This was fun to work on and I didn’t feel any pressure especially with using less vocal, I got to make it my own with the groove.

DirtyLoud’s version came up with a more upfront Future House flavour with yours edging more towards the underground domain, was that intentional or just how the process unfolded? 

I feel like the remix package has depth which is great. The label was awesome in trusting me to do my thing which was what they happened to be after on this occasion. 

How do you go about remixing tracks like this? Do you have an idea before you start or is it a case of pulling the original into pieces to find what stays and what you rework? 

On this occasion I just asked for the vocal and started from scratch musically. After I had the basic groove down, I decided to make it a little more dub and play around with the bass line to make it talk a little more. 

Obviously remixing is prolific in modern Dance music and it’s not uncommon to see 3/4/5+ remixes on a package. How do you make sure that your own versions add a new twist to what’s being released? 

I think you need to be honest and upfront with the label or artist in communicating your vibes so they know where you’re going with the production. It helps avoid 16 remixes all sounding the same! LOL 

Yeah we’re heard that a few times to say the least! Were there any particular elements of the remix that you recall being challenging or requiring the most creative attention? 

The musical focus was the bass line so it had groove and talk like I mentioned earlier. Productions like this I tend to write loads of bass lines before I feel good about choosing the final one.

It’s clear to hear from your productions that you place groove and rhythm high up on the list of priorities when working. What sort of practices do you adhere to that result in the constant level of quality you put out when it comes to drums? 

I like to mute elements to the bare minimum to see if it can still walk and groove without feeling like it’s missing something crucial.

Without giving away any secrets, what kind of tools do you edge towards for these kinds of basslines that have been present in your recent releases? 

Automation of EQ in my tones evolves the journey of a track. DJ Pierre is the master at this!

This is the latest in a series of outputs you’ve had with Vicious recently, is this a relationship that will see you back for more with them in the future? 

Oh yeah, the team are great and supportive of what I’m looking to do. I trust their ears and input which is so important in a label/artist relationship. 

Thanks for your time Marcus and awesome job on the remix. Anything to add or promote that we can pass on to readers for you? 

Thanks to you guys for the support and I can’t wait to share my new original in the coming month.

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