If you want to describe Martin Garrix’s 2013 in one word, it’s be “winning.” Before 2013, would you have guessed that this 17-year-old Dutch producer would have been the youngest producer to hit #1 on Beatport, scored a deal with Universal, and had his massive hit “Animals” go #1 in the UK? We can’t front; we stand by the feels we had about “Animals,” but you can’t deny the impact Garrix has had, and today he joins an interesting group. If you follow pop music, you know the name Scooter Braun. He’s built a powerhouse stable that includes Justin Bieber, PSY, Ariana Grande… and Martin Garrix. That’s right, Billboard is reporting that Martin Garrix has joined Scooter Braun Projects, with Michael George handling Garrix’s career. From what Billboard is saying, Michael George met Garrix during Miami Music Week, and George fell in love with Garrix’s enthusiasm: “There was just something about the charisma and his personality that really shined through to me. When I went home, we Skyped and – I’ll never forget – he came on Skype and said to me, ‘Bro, bro! I’ve had this melody in my head, I couldn’t sleep! I need to send you the song!’ And he sent me the demo version of ‘Animals.'”

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