Chiptune isn’t always my thing. It’s a genre that I don’t totally love, because it’s often too indistinguishable from itself and there’s usually something about it that just doesn’t connect for me. With the advancement in production techniques available, Brooklyn’s Maxo though is one guy who’s tunes more often then not, hit a chord with me. Sinistarr took Maxo’s “Honeybell” and delivered a version that I’ve now had on repeat the last day though. It’s not straight chiptune, though, as Sinistarr mixes a tad of Wave Racer style into the mix before making this into a fun-frenzied footwork cut complete with all the shimmering bells and whistles you might expect. I have to admit though, I’m a bit of a sadboy right now because I can’t DL this and put it on my iPod. At least there’s a mobile SoundCloud app!

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