It’s incredibly interesting to watch the evolution of producers that have nothing left to prove. Minnesota has been a fixture in the scene since it started to explode in the United States, and his Voyager EP is truly a delight to devour. His latest is a wonderful offering of 6 incredibly solid tunes, and the overall feel is more melodic, musical, and cinematic than anything he’s ever done. But instead of covering the whole release, we decided to highlight “Thunderdrome.” The collaboration with G Jones is definitely the hardest release on his record, and the only tune on Voyager that has an assist. They’ve collaborated before on the downloadable Altered States EP, and obviously have a musical chemistry, but this one is truly special with it’s menacing low end, epic horns, and trap drums. And while we’re incredibly gracious that his team allowed us to host a record off of this wondrous EP, you can save yourself a bit of time here. His six-record Voyager EP is available for absolutely nothing if you click the purchase link below.

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