Okay, I was born in 1991 and I turn 23 next Tuesday, so I don’t have any sort of “ACTUAL” clue as to what the ’80s was like. My thoughts and views are largely colored by that of Beverly Hills Cop-style buddy cop movies, garish fluorescent workout aerobic routines, and the whole new wave aesthetic of synthesizers and cheesy dance pop–and the movie Wall St (a great movie if you haven’t seen it). Mitch Murder’s new “Saturdays” is right in that vein but I’m really digging it – I also love a good slice of cheese. This is the sort of track you listen to and it’ll immediately transport you to a whole new world of POSSSSSIBILITIESSS! This kind of track will strike you with an awe-inspiring bewilderment of amazingness and happiness. The basslines are funky, the synths are twinkly, and this just makes me jumpy. I’m digging this and it’s a taste of Mr. Mitch’s forthcoming album Interceptor so if you’re feeling too, pre-order the album today.

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