Monstercat just came through with a massive release for the holiday season! Each year they comprise a Christmas album consisting of some of the top prospect their label has to offer and this year is no different. Earlier we posted Rogue’s, “Goodbye (Winter Chords)” and needless to say we didn’t expect the rest of the album to release so soon! What better way to get into the Christmas spirit than a 7 track album with tracks produced by Hellberg, Insan3Lik3, Mr Fijiwiji, Muzzy, Rogue, Stephen Walking and Televisor? Each track and producer has a different style to offer, putting their own unique spin on what their Christmas track should sound like. The Monstercat family could just as easily put this one up for sale, but instead chose to spread some holiday cheer with a free release. Take a listen below and don’t forget the “Monstercat 011 – Revolution” album is available Wednesday December 19th – please consider supporting!

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Monstercat – Christmas Album 2012

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