Montresor, hailing from Kelowna, Canada drops an Atmosphere Trap banger entitled, “Crystal Walls” where he’s not only produced the tune but decided to spit some motivational bars on it. Showcasing his versatility, he’s blurred the lines and created something unique to vibe to!

When asked, here’s what he had to say about the track:

I wanted to modivate my listeners with this one… and what better way to get MY point across then with my own voice. This is the first track iv made with my own vocals. Like all my music I wanted I gave this song not only a theme but a setting… in this case a dreamy cave.

Nobody wakes up and decides there going to build an entire wall… they wake up and say “I’m going to lay this brick… as perfectly as I can” and they do that everyday. In time you will have a wall.

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Montresor – Crystal Walls (Original Mix)

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