So I get shit from time to time from my fellow DAD staff members for giving backward compliments to artists and tunes, basically trashing the genre or scene the tune is in and then saying how great this particular track is. That’s essentially what’s going to happen right here as well. Disco house or indie dance music or whatever umbrella you want to toss this stuff under has gotten really really boring and predictable. Seems like for awhile now these vibes have been ripe to explode and they just never do. I get promos all the time and see this stuff fly up the Hype Machine charts and so much of it is bland, tired and recycled. Moon Boots, though, he’s been steadily injecting life into this music realm and honestly seems to get more amazing as time passes. His new one, “Whatever You Need”, is the proof. This slice of summer patio vibes is simply fantastic. Stream it now and be ready to cop this via French Express on June 12.

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