Novado has had a mega last few months. Playing over 20 gigs in only a few weeks, he has shown audiences how talented he is on the buttons. Alongside his well-received productions, his shows are what he is known for, and his high calibre mixing has encapsulated fans from all over. We caught up with the sensational Swede to learn more about what got him in to his art!

Hey! So lets start simple, when did you start DJing and what attracted you to it?

I started DJ’ing when I was 19, the main reason I got into it was just that I had a huge interest in dance music and really wanted to share my music with people. That type of music was still relatively unknown to the general public in Sweden back then and I was convinced that it was being underappreciated simply because people weren’t getting the opportunity to hear it enough. 

I’d always been intrigued by the art of DJ’ing in itself too though. I was fascinated by how DJ’s had the ability of introducing new music to people that would otherwise only be hearing what was played on the radio.

What is your number one reason you enjoy DJing?

I honestly think it’s the most fun thing you could possibly do. To me there’s nothing that beats playing a set with the music you love at a cool venue where the crowd is really into the music. It’s also really rewarding to be the person that introduces people to new music that they’ll be listening to in the future.

Do you have a number one gig you have played?

That would for sure be Café del Mar Ibiza, the atmospere there was  something else.

What made it the best?

It’s such an iconic venue and the setting is so beautiful, especially during the sunset. The night I played there it was completely packed all the way down to the water, it’s a crazy view from the DJ booth.

It was also one of those places I’ve always wanted to play. Although it’s just a step on the way, it was still really inspiring to be able to prove to myself that it was possible, keeping in mind that I started playing in a pretty small town in Sweden at local student clubs.

What is your most common genre you mix, or do you enjoy switching them up?

During my artist shows I mainly play House and Deep House in my sets.However I’ve got my roots in club DJ’ing and I’m very used to playing all kinds of different styles.

Do you often showcase your new songs in your mixes?

Yes, before they are released too. I always try out new songs during my sets, both to see crowd reactions and to hear what they sound like on a big sound system. It’s a great of way of getting honest feedback on a track so you can make improvements before releasing it. 

What is your favourite venue and why?

My favorite venue used to be Space in Ibiza because of the magical atmosphere there. It’s obviously closed now though. Another favorite has always been Amnesia, also in Ibiza, because of the crazy layout of the Terrace combined with it’s amazing sound system. 

XS in Las Vegas is also a crazy night club, the crowd there is always super high energy.

Finally, do you have a favourite mix online we can listen to?

I made a guest mix for the UK blog Plain & Simple that’s pretty representative for my style, it’s available to listen to on my Soundcloud.

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Novado – Guest Mix For Plain & Simple